Links about Warre Hives

Here are a few links to go with the radio show about the Warre Hive:

Bee Space

Warre Biobees

it was a great show, very informative!  I am very curious to see a Warre Hive in action.

It will take a few weeks for me to archive the show, since I need to be back at my home computer to do it.

Bee well

2 thoughts on “Links about Warre Hives

  1. There is a warre hive in Appleton that we may be able to see. I will contact the hive owner about a visit at some point. If others are interested, weigh in on whether you’d like to see it this winter or wait intil the bees are more active….

    • That sounds great Svea. I would love to see it in action. Winter is not the best time for that, unless one wants to see how the hive is wrapped up and winterized…. which might be interesting as well. But let me know in the spring.

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